Tofino Videos

  • What Is YOUR Tofino?

    "That's what you do here.  You get up and you go on an adventure","This is big nature",Tofino holds different meanings for so many of us.  This is a place of memories and firsts, of celebrations and solitude.  Although our Tourism Tofino team loves to...
  • Stream Ecology & Restoration - Central Westcoast Forest Society

    This is a beautifully-produced behind-the-scenes look at the work being done to restore streams and wildlife habitat on our coast - with some scenic shots of coastal temperate rainforest and its wildlife.The Central Westcoast Forest Society is a...
  • Winter surfing in Canada, eh?

    Local surfers Josh Lewis, Jamie Bale and Krissy Montgomery explain why Tofino is a sought-after surf destination.  Our favourite quote:  Listen to Josh make a reference to the "Davy Crocketts of the surf world"..."Little do most people know, Canada has a...
  • The Story Behind the Surfers & Orcas Video

    The amazing video - you know the one  -  of a fortuitous day along our coast involving transient orcas (otherwise known as killer whales) and surfers swimming in the same waters has made its way around the world.  CTV Vancouver Island interviewed the man...
  • Video: Stormy Mondays with Pete Devries & Noah Cohen

    Tofino pro surfers Pete Devries and Noah Cohen (sponsored by Tofino's Storm Surf Shop) take us for a quick November surf.  It's a passion, a lifestyle, and a sport that's always captivating, whether you're watching from the beach, from the window of some...
  • The 2012 Tofino Whale Breach, Revisited

    This past summer 2012, some lucky visitors fishing Tofino's offshore waters came home with a bounty of fresh salmon, halibut...  and the surprise whale watching experience of a lifetime!  Thanks to a relatively steady hand and a mobile device, the world...
  • The 2012 Moto Gourmet

    The 2012 Moto Gourmet: Dirtbikes, ATV's, skeet-shooting, and then the day gets all classy-like. Even our token hardcores gotta' eat. And eat well they do on the west coast.
  • Memories of the 2nd Annual Feast!

    Memories of the 2nd Annual Feast! Tofino events are still fresh in our minds, but if the flavours are fading for you, check this out!



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