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Natural Fireworks | October 2017Detective Deer | October 2017_MG_9372Deadwood | October 2017_-3Sunny daysTofino BeachMorning breeze_MG_9410Sunset over the Broken Group Islands, Canada_MG_9464The Broken Group Islands_MG_9511-2 copy_MG_9481Over the Apex | September 2017-15Leader of the Pack | September 2017-19Cox Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaCox Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaThe Broken Group IslandsBroken Group IslandsCoastal Sunrise Mountain Air | Mt. Prevost | September 2017If anyone knows any one in this photo tag them or send it to them! πŸ˜†πŸŒŠ Tofino BeachFeet firmly planted in mid-air, Tofino | September 2017Abandoned Nets Pulled From the Ocean, Uclulet | September 2017DSCN2903 Barkley Sound and Broken Group IslandsDSCN2907 Amphitrite Point Lighthouse - Wild Pacific Trail UclueletDSC_2043 Long Beach - Pacific RimDSC_2096 Sanderling - Plummage detailDSC_2081 Sanderling in a hurry!DSC_2069 Sanderling - Wickaninish BeachDSC_2055 Wickaninish Beach - Pacific Rim, Vancouver IslandDSC_2053 Log Jam - Wickaninish BeachDSC_2052 Wickaninish Beach - Pacific RimDSC_2037 Tonquin Park Beach Tofino, Vancouver IslandDSC_2020 End of the Road - TofinoDSC_1934 Ucluelet - Vancouver IslandDSC_2005 Whimbrel - Long BeachTofino | September 2017-2Tofino | September 2017-20Tofino | September 2017-13Coastal Bear, Tofino | September 2017Say Cheese, Tofino | September 2017Tofino | September 2017-21Tofino | September 2017-8Tofino | September 2017-25Tofino | September 2017-11_MG_8903_MG_8929IMG_0864StandstillRe- Edit Sea PlaneHornby Island | August 2017-2Hornby Island | August 2017-4Hornby Island | August 2017-3Hornby Island | August 2017-6Hornby Island | August 2017-5Broken Group Islands, Pacific Rim National Park ReserveFuture Astronaut | August 2017Kennedy River from Highway 4 - Ucuelet, Vancouver Island, B.C.Osprey Lookout | August 2017-2Turquoise Piper Art | August 2017-3Shore Birds | August 2017-5Island Sunset | August 2017-6Costal Sunset | August 2017-8Golden SandsSecond WindDeparting Company2017March | Belted Kingfisher | SunriseSilver SandsOrange Alive | August 2017Hummingbird Golden Sunset | July 2017The Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii) | July 2017Color Personified (Patrick) | August 2017Proud History, Bright Future | August 2017Ferns; Cathedral Grove, Vancouver IslandBarred Owl | August 2017Barred Owl Calling | August 2017Predator (Juv. Fem. Merlin) vs Prey (Robin) | August 2017Kingfisher at the Docks | August 2017Beetle in the Garden | August 2017Common Nighthawk | August 2017-20Common Nighthawk | August 2017-27Low-Key Orange Juice | August 2017Low-Key Sunset Over Smokey Mountain| August 2017Smokey Mountain Heron | August 2017Smokey Sunset | August 2017-1-6Shake It Out | August 2017Blueberry with Wings | July 2017Ripples and Reflection | July 2017Kingfisher Breakfast | July 2017Canoe in the Mist | July 2017Breakfast in Bed | July 2017A winter waterfallTofino Astro | 2016Head's Up | June 2017-3Velvet Buck | 17 July 2017DSC06118DSC06120DSC06127DSC06146

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Natural Fireworks | October 2017Detective Deer | October 2017_MG_9372Deadwood | October 2017_-3