SUP Touring 2 Instructor Course (Paddle Canada Cert.) - May 6-8

Saturday 6th to Monday 8th May, 2017
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Become and Paddle Canada Touring Level 2 Instructor and lead your own multi-day Paddle Canada SUP touring courses or instruct with a local paddleboard school. This is an advanced level Paddle Canada certification with a focus on planning and leading self support multi-day stand up paddleboarding tours.

Lead Overnight Self Support SUP Tours. 

A one of a kind Paddle Canada course lead by Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer Emre Bosut. The SUP Touring 2 Instructor course is the highest level of Paddle Canada SUP instructor. The course focuses on the challenges and responsibilities of leading self support multi-day SUP tours including; route and weather planing, food preparation and packing, setting up low impact campsites, and long term group management in challenging coastal paddling environments.

Course structure; The Touring 2 course is a continuation of T’ashii’s Touring 1 Instructor course. The course spends 3 days (2 nights camping) teaching instructors to lead remote overnight touring trips as we camp on Vargas Island. 

Successful participants in the course will receive a Paddle Canada SUP Touring 2 Instructor certification along with instructional aids to help run their own tours and courses. 

2017 Course Dates


Paddle Canada Touring 1 Instructor and the ability to perform Touring 2 skills at instructional level (prior experience with multi-day SUP touring).

Instructor candidates must register for a Paddle Canada membership before the course begins to receive Paddle Canada instructor certification. Course ID: 61320


Instructor candidates must be confident in performing all coastal navigation skills covered in the Touring 1 Instructor course.  Includes: Reading a chart, compass navigation, weather forecasting, leading groups in tidal currents, leading groups in exposed coastal areas, coastal rescues, reading tide and current charts.


2 night camping on Vargas Island.

Expert instruction with a focus on planning and leading a multi-day stand up paddleboarding trip.

Lesson Planning Tools.

Please go to to signup and for more details.


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