Hot Springs Cove

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You won't come across Hot Springs Cove by chance.

Much like travelling to our west coast of Vancouver Island, the decision to take in the beauty of Hot Springs Cove is a very intentional - and very wise - decision.  These untouched geothermal hot springs are situated in the Maquinna Provincial Park, around 27 nautical miles north west of Tofino.

Pack your bag, pick up a lunch, and you'll be set for a day of days.  Our Tofino tour and charter companies will get you there, by boat (in a little over an hour) or in a jaw-droppingly scenic 20 minute seaplane flight.  Some outfitters offer a sea-to-sky trip, transporting you to Hot Springs Cove by boat, with your return to Tofino by seaplane!

The Hot Springs Cove experience continues with an easy thirty minute walk down a cedar trail, winding through temperate old growth forest.  Once you're at the hot springs, you can soak your worries away in the succession of pools, which cool down as they cascade toward the ocean.  How hot are the hot springs?  Well, the water is geothermically heated to a temperature of at least 109 degrees C (228 degrees F) and will cool down to around 50 degrees C (122 degrees F).   Take in the waterfall and the feeling of being in such a wonderfully wild place.


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