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7 Things To Do Now In Tofino

Emma Yardley

Take a break from riding the waves off British Columbia’s ‘Tough City’ and experience artwork, a beach resort, strong coffee, small-batch beers, locally sourced food and souvenir shopping.

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10 B.C. locations to spot bears before they snooze

Presented by: Super Natural British Columbia

There are thousands of bears in British Columbia, but spotting them in their natural habitat isn’t always easy. Below are the top 10 places around B.C. to watch these impressive creatures before they turn in for a long winter’s nap.

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Storm watching in Tofino BC

Paula Worthington

Most people plan their vacations around avoiding storm season, but in Tofino BC, located on the far west side of Vancouver Island, visitors mark it on their calendar and make it a reason to go.

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Cracking into the many tastes of Tofino

Adrian Brijbassi

TOFINO, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Dylan Tilston plucks the head off of a live prawn, cracks the shell that covers the belly and spine, squeezes the tail to remove the remaining meat and then pitches it into his mouth. “That’s the way you eat ’em,” says the self-proclaimed foodie. “Try it.”

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Foraging for mushroom treasures

Lucy Hyslop

It’s not quite Tough Mudder, but it certainly feels like an assault course as we gingerly navigate through a flourish of ostrich ferns, shrubs and crumbling Western Cedar and Douglas fir trees in this remote Tofino forest.

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Tofino: The sisters of the surf

Catherine Roscoe Barr

Early morning light shines through the picture windows in our bedroom, and as I lift my head from the pillow I can see a few dark shapes bobbing on the waves off Cox Bay.

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Embracing the storm

Joanne Sasvari for Autumn Adventures

The hush of a rainforest, its ancient cedars wreathed in ghostlike mist. The ocean, murmuring under masses of dark clouds, a symphony in shades of silver and grey. Rain, hurtling tempestuously from the sky. Waves, crashing violently on the shore, their spume arcing high above the rocks.

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rugged getaway

Jewel Goodwin

Summer time means vacation time for many of us, and we love to explore the beauty that is British Columbia. We packed up the family and headed to Tofino, a gorgeous little seaside town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

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Spring Escape: Tofino

Lauren Braden

Catch a late-season storm or get a head start on summer crowds – both are great reasons for a springtime escape to Tofino on the dramatically wild western edge of Vancouver Island.

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Going wild, in comfort, on Vancouver Island

Kristen Jackson

Tofino, B.C., is a wilder, funkier, rustic-luxe version of Oregon’s Cannon Beach, and the way-out-there feel is part of its allure.

As the burnt-orange sun sank into the sea, a half-dozen walkers on the beach stopped, stared and clapped at the particularly gorgeous sunset.

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Vancouver Island: Canada’s Wild West

Sarah Barrell

Travel to Vancouver Island, sitting pretty off British Colombia, and embrace the cold — surf, storm-watch and have miles of forest-backed Pacific coastline all to yourself.

The goats that reside on the old country market’s roof have retreated for the winter.

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Tofino – wo der Westen schmeckt am besten

Gepostet Von Ella Grigorovici

Tofino und ich, das habe ich längst zu einer Liebesgeschichte erklärt, vermutlich eine lebenslängliche. Wiederholte Besuche über viele Jahre, ein ganzes Jahr Leben dort und bis heute scheine ich immer noch nicht genug zu haben.

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Taking Some Tofino Time

Leslie Anthony

Last week, while leading a writer’s workshop there, I was reminded there are few places left in North America where the notions of idyll, idle and ideal come together quite as well as in Tofino, B.C., on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island.

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Tofino: Canada's Wild West All Grown Up

Catherine Tse

1/4    Culture, Cuisine and Comfort in the Wilderness

Tofino’s all grown up these days, providing as many luxuries as you’d expect from any big city getaway, with the enormous benefit of being nestled oceanside in the midst of breathtaking Clayoquot Sound.

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tofino’s queen of the peak

Tori O

Almost everything I know about women’s surfing—and men’s too, for that matter—I learned from the movie Blue Crush. I attended my first ever surf competition in Tofino, BC last month and while the competitors were all badass women, it wasn’t exactly bikini weather.

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Wildlife Watching in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Tofino may be tiny and remote, but it is world famous for three reasons: storm watching, surfing, and incredible wildlife. This charming little town sits at the end of the Trans Canada Highway on Vancouver Island where the mountainous coastal rainforest meets the pounding waves of the Pacific.

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tofino’s queen of the peak

Tori O

Almost everything I know about women’s surfing—and men’s too, for that matter—I learned from the movie Blue Crush. I attended my first ever surf competition in Tofino, BC last month and while the competitors were all badass women, it wasn’t exactly bikini weather.

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Chef Warren Barr’s Pacific Panzanella


Some days, Warren Barr’s bed shakes as the waves crash against the shore. The chef’s cottage is a 15-minute walk from the ocean in Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where storms are serious business; when the Pacific gets angry, everyone knows it and indeed relishes it.

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48 Hours in Tofino, on Thanksgiving

Rachel Kristensen

Temperatures in Canada are dropping. Fast. So much so that when we told someone on Long Beach, Tofino that we were camping nearby they looked at us like we were kidding. Nope. Camping. In a tent. In October. In Canada. And actually, it was pretty decent.

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Ahhhh Tofino

“In the days proceeding [sic] our visit, when we told people we were off to visit Tofino, everyone all had the same amazed, dewy-eyed expression on their faces. ‘Ah, Tofino.’”

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Views of Tofino


There’s a magical little town called Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, where the energy is youthful and vibrant and the natural beauty is overwhelming.

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Full Circle


My brother Graham came out from England last month with his partner Julie for a visit. For three weeks they enjoyed fantastic weather and marvelled at how sunny BC was. “Try coming back in the winter and then tell me how lovely it is” was my dour response.

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A tasting tour of Tofino, B.C.

Alexander Gill

If you take BC Ferries from Vancouver to Nanaimo, B.C., and head west on the Pacific Rim Highway, you will climb into clouds, wind around hairpin turns and eventually emerge from the mountains some 160 kilometres later at the wild edge of Canada.

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Touring Tofino

Jim Borg

Find a wealth of wildlife, water pursuits and scenic views

TOFINO, Canada » Bald eagles soar overhead along this remote, rugged coastline, while a black bear shows her twin cubs how to find morsels in the bayside brush.

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Majestic beauty of Tofino


Explore Vancouver Island's rugged coastline

Perched on a peninsula off Vancouver Island’s exposed and rugged west coast, Tofino is the gateway to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and the stunning Clayoquot Sound.
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Tofino heli tour gives new perspective

Andrew McCredie

Flying over the popular eco-destination unveils areas to be explored on future visits

TOFINO: Exploring the four corners of British Columbia, there is no shortage of places to break out a lunch on an ancient glacier.

Tofino, one would guess, isn’t one of them.

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The Top Five Canadain Vacation Choices

Paul Sullivan

The Beach: Every province has one or more than one legendary strip of sand: Wasaga, Cavendish, Grand, Rathtrevor, Balmy, Winnipeg, Regina, and the mother of all beaches: Long Beach in Tofino and Ucluelet. Really long: 25 kilometres from one end of Radar to the other end of Wickaninnish.

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Top Ten Ocean Escapes for Summer

Nicole Feenstra

Tofino, B.C.: Tofino is Canada's hottest surf destination, attracting thousands of people each summer who hope to catch a wave, spot whales off the coast, camp in nature and beat the heat.

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Utterly Tranquil Tofino

Kate MacLennan

Kate MacLennan writes about the unique opportunity she experienced to visit the Lennard Island Lighthouse - and meet "Lighthouse Tony" - during her hundreth (or so) getaway to Tofino:

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Tide Pooling in & Around Tofino

Erik Gauger

There are many wonderful beaches in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, but Schooner Cove is an extraordinary and accessible treasure, about twenty minutes south of Tofino.

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Storm Season in Tofino


The most intense storm period lasts from December through February, so there’s still plenty of time to book a weekend away during Valentine’s Day for you and your love to get swept away in. Trust me, it’s pretty darn romantic.  

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Riding the Surf in Clayoquot

Sean Horlor

Storm watching in Pacific Rim National Park is mesmerizing.

There’s nothing but open ocean between here and Japan. With the non-stop surf and the rain that blows in every direction (including up), this part of Canada truly feels like it’s at the end of the world.

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B.C.’s Cosy Winter Cabins Provide Sanctuary

Staff writer of Penticton Western News

If ski boots and parkas aren’t your first choice for winter apparel, try slipping into a wetsuit and tackle surfing in Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast where winter storms that bring in epic rollers are celebrated with gusto.

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B.C. or Bust - A Roadtrip from Santa Barbara to Tofino

Trevor Gordon

This was my fourth time up to Vancouver Island to surf and camp along its coastline. I’ve sort of made a pact with myself to visit this place at least once a year after first falling in love with it three years ago. The beauty and power of Canada captures you, and it keeps me coming back.

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15th Annual Tofino Shorebird Festival

A series of fun and educational events for bird enthusiasts of all ages, the Tofino Shorebird Festival celebrates the thousands of migratory shorebirds passing through Tofino yearly from late April through May on their journey from South and Central America northward to their Arctic breeding grounds.
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2nd Annual FEAST! Food and Wine Festival dates announced

Tourism Tofino and the Tofino-Ucluelet Culinary Guild (TUCG) today unveiled the details of the second annual Feast! Tofino — a 16-day-long series of culinary events to be held on the West Coast of Vancouver Island beginning on May 18, 2012 and culminating with the Tofino Food and Wine Festival, June 1-2, 2012.
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26th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival

26th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival March 17:25, 2012 Kicks Off West Coast Vancouver Island Whale Watching Season

Tofino, Ucluelet, B.C., February 7, 2012 – The Pacific Rim Whale Festival and Tourism Tofino todayannounced the extensive calendar of educational, culinary and cultural art

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