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Holidays - The Tofino Way

It's the festive season in Tofino, so slip on your gumboots and some raingear!  While there's a warm, fuzzy place in our collective Canadian memory for a snowy winter, we're sharing the coastal version of how the holidays are celebrated on the far left coast.

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7 Things To Do Now In Tofino

Emma Yardley

Take a break from riding the waves off British Columbia’s ‘Tough City’ and experience artwork, a beach resort, strong coffee, small-batch beers, locally sourced food and souvenir shopping.

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10 B.C. locations to spot bears before they snooze

Presented by: Super Natural British Columbia

There are thousands of bears in British Columbia, but spotting them in their natural habitat isn’t always easy. Below are the top 10 places around B.C. to watch these impressive creatures before they turn in for a long winter’s nap.

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